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July 4, 2021

Happy 4th of July!


Let us pray:

May we all work together to help our nation become   "one nation under God, with liberty and justice for ALL."



I pledge allegiance to the Earth

To its mountains, rivers, soil and sky.

One planet, irreplaceable

To be cherished and protected by all.




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2020 Assembly Presentations Online

Assembly presentations by Sr. Carol Zinn, SSJJohn Carr, Archbishop John Wester, Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, and Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, are now online. The links can be found on the AUSCP website:





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2021 AUSCP Assembly Discerned Priorities

The 10th Annual AUSCP Assembly was held in Minneapolis, June 21-24, 2021. In attendance were 125 priests, 10 AUSCP Associates and Friends, 4 staff persons, and representatives of 14 organizations who attended as exhibitors. In addition, 38 persons were able to join Monday's retreat with Michael Joncas through Zoom.

One of the tasks of the participants was to prioritize the issues on which AUSCP will focus for the next three years. Out of eight issues presented, the following three were chosen as the top priorities:

  1. Vatican II priests – The Association commits to promoting the spirit and practices of Vatican II and to facilitating a proper understanding and support of this spirit among all, including newer generations of clergy and laity.
  2. Gospel non-violence – The Association commits to promoting the Gospel of non-violence, calling all to live without violence in peace and harmony, avoiding wars and all that is destructive of life. We will collaborate with other individuals and groups sharing our goal of non-violence.
  3. Anti-racism – The Association commits to promoting and living by the fundamental teaching of equality of all humans, regardless of race, culture or other distinctions among people. We will collaborate with others working to overcome racism and white-privilege, in a Christian spirit.

Working Groups on these issues will be formed to develop plans for prayer, education and action based on input from Assembly participants and others. All of you are welcome to join us in our efforts. If you would like to actively participate in one of these groups, please send your name and contact information to: office@auscp.org. 

This does not preclude continuing to work on other issues that were not chosen as the top priorities. Other Working Groups who have been active on different issues, such as Climate Change and Immigration, may also decide to continue their important work. We ask all of you to pray for the guidance of the Spirit in all AUSCP undertakings.

Assembly Presentations

As previously noted, this year's speakers included: Fr. Michael Joncas (Retreat presenter)Michael Sean Winters, Dr. Shannen Dee Williams, and Bishop William Wack. All of them received "excellent" ratings in the post Assembly evaluations. As soon as any of these presentations are posted on the AUSCP website or on Vimeo, we will send you the link.

St. John XXIII Awards

Fr. Greg Barras, chair of the AUSCP Leadership Team, presented a St. John XXIII award to Gayle Uebelhor in honor of his many years of "valuable counsel" to AUSCP, including his facilitation of the retreat in 2011 where the founding of AUSCP took place. His plaque stated: Over the past 10 years since the Association’s founding, Gayle’s prudence and patience facilitated dialogue and discernment. As Pope Francis’ pastoral leadership calls the whole Body of Christ into a dialogue discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit, we recognize the skill with which Gayle has advised our Association’s unfolding mission.

Fr. Harry Bury, a longtime peace activist and founder of Twin Cities Nonviolent (TCNV) was also honored with the St. John XXIII award: for his 66 years of priesthood, his unwavering commitment to justice, his work to raise awareness of the absolute need for nonviolence in all relationships and all institutions, and for his embodiment of what Vatican II envisioned.

Crux published an informative article about Fr. Harry Bury and the AUSCP Assembly. You can access it HERE.

Congratulations to Gayle and Fr. Harry! You have been an inspiration to many through your years of servant leadership.

AUSCP LeadershipTeam for 2021-22

During the Assembly, Fr. Greg Barras (Diocese of Biloxi) and Fr. Michael Bausch (Diocese of Rochester, NY) were elected to serve a second term on the AUSCP Leadership Team (LT). The LT met after the Assembly and discerned the folllowing officers for 2021-22: Chair - Fr. Greg Barras; Vice-Chair - Fr. Michael Bausch;Secretary - Fr. Louie Arceneaux, CM; Treasurer, Fr. Stephen Newton, CSC.

Special thanks to them for their willingness to serve the AUSCP in these important roles!

AUSCP Bylaws

Those present at the Assembly did not feel prepared to decide on the proposed changes in the AUSCP bylaws. As announced previously, the biggest change was to incorporate Associate members officially as voting members. There were some objections to this, partly because some felt they did not have time to discuss this change enough ahead of time and time for discussion at the Assembly was short. Some members expressed concerns that the laity, over time, could out-number the priests and thus the priests lose control and identity of their organization. Still others did not see the necessity of “voting” members when the AUSCP attempts to operate by consensus. The bottom line is that the AUSCP does value and appreciate the input of the laity. More consideration of this will be given in the coming year.

AUSCP Will Exhibit at National Pastoral Musicians' Convention

NPM’s National Convention will take place in New Orleans, on July 27-30, 2021. This will be a “hybrid event”, offering both an in-person and virtual experience for attendees. If you sign up for the virtual convention experience, you’ll watch the same Plenum addresses, breakout sessions and other events that your in-person attendees are experiencing as well. Click HERE to register. Be sure to look for the AUSCP booth!

Laudato Si' and the U.S. Catholic Church

Catholic Climate Covenant message: This year’s “Laudato Si’ and the U.S. Catholic Church” national Conference is less than two weeks away! It's all online, and it's all FREE, July 13-15! Have you registered yet? 

Attend inspiring keynote presentations, lively panel discussions, and your choice of EIGHT different interactive breakout sessions with faithful leaders caring for creation in their ministry areas.

Learn more BELOW about the sessions: Advocacy, Creation Care Teams, Youth & Young Adults, Environmental Justice, Colleges & Universities, Communications & Media, Preaching, and Parochial Schools.

Don't wait! View the full schedule, lineup of speakers and Register Today!👉🏾 Creighton.edu/catholicclimate 

AUSCP Webinars 

Webinar topics - If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please send them to Fr. Bob Bonnot: auscpbonnot@gmail.com        


The following past webinars are available for viewing:

Choosing Peace: Vision and Practice 

Caring for People and Our Planet: Living Laudato Si - Ecological Justice and Ecologically sinful Footprints, Part 2 

Race Superiority and Fascism: Is Fascism a Threat in and to the U.S.? Is the current U.S. struggle with racism and white superiority laying the ground for a Fascist future?


Celebrating Dorothy Day’s 40th Anniversary 

God's Own Vintage - Dr. Marc DelMonico - January 11, 2021

Ban the Nukes, Feed the Hungry

Caste discussion videos - 7 sessions

Catholic Social Teaching Series - 4 sessions by Dr. Joe Holland

Dvine Design Series - by Dr. Joe Toma, (Sessions 1- 7)

Stop Banking the Bomb 

Assembly Highlight Videos

The Border: The reality, current legislation and hearing the story of long term volunteers

Solidarity with Our Muslim Siblings in Faith

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